2011 - “caresse” One of the edition of lulibérine with pornographic drawing and an extact of the book “L’amant” of Marguerite Duras.

2011 - Original paintings for lulibérine

2011 - Edition for the thesis on feminin erotism

2011 - Credits for a collection of short films on Jean-Jaques Rousseau. In collaboration with Camille Dedieu.

2011 - Interactif mapping on a roof. Uper you go kitcher it gets. In collaboration with Marie Ivol, Filipe Mathez, Julien Mouron and Johann Rosti.

2009-2010 - Documentary on women role in married couple based on my personal experience.

2010 - Short animated film using the technic of cut paper. In collaboration with Stéphanie Pilet and Gaspard Gigon.

Canvas  by  andbamnan